Zigo FAQ

Where can I buy the Zigo Leader?
The Zigo Leader can be purchased on this website or at Big Bear Gear.

I don't live in the United States. Where can I buy Zigo Products?
We do not currently have distributors outside of the U.S. Please contact us and we will see if we can arrange shipping to you.

What is the cost of shipping?
Zigo will ship the Zigo Leader anywhere in the continental United States for a flat shipping rate of $150.

How much assembly is required?
Your Zigo Leader will arrive 98% assembled out of the box! The Zigo Cycle requires you to attach the handle bar and install the pedals, while the ChildPod assembly requires nothing in outside of normal actions to take the ChildPod in and out of Storage Mode. All tools and instructions for assembly are provided in the box. We recommend that you take your Zigo Leader to an authorized dealer or bicycle shop to be tuned before use.

Is it possible to the buy the ChildPod separately to use with a different bike?
The ChildPod can only be used with the Zigo Cycle. The Zigo Leader is designed for optimal balance, stability, and control as a single unit offered by Zigo. Steering, braking power, and stability is translated through the LeaderLink System that is found only on the Zigo Leader. The Zigo Leader ChildPod can be used as a Trailer behind any bike.

Is the Zigo Leader safe?
It's obvious. Put your kids where you can see them. A child trailing behind a bicycle is a source of constant anxiety. With the Zigo Leader your children are always where you can see them. With an ordinary trailer, it is easy to misjudge your turning radius or the true width of your footprint, resulting in the trailer hitting a curb or other obstacle. With the Zigo Leader your sense of the vehicle is intuitive. No more constantly glancing backward to check on junior. Now, you can both safely enjoy the ride. The Zigo Leader is designed to comply with all federal laws regulating bicycle safety, and voluntary ASTM standards relating to strollers and bicycle trailers. However, any sport involves a degree of risk. You must always operate the Zigo Leader responsibly.


When can I start strolling with my child?
If your ChildPod is used in conjunction with the Zigo Infant Carrier, you can start strolling on smooth surfaces immediately! We do recommend that you refrain from more rigorous activities while your child is a newborn.

When can I start jogging with my child?
You can start jogging on smooth surfaces with the Zigo Jogger Kit and Zigo Infant Carrier when your child is as young as four months old. If your child can sit upright and hold their head steady on their own, you can jog without the Zigo Infant Carrier. However, jog only on smooth surfaces until your child is at least one year old.

When can I start cycling with my child?
Your child must be at least one year old, able to sit upright and hold their head steady, and be properly fitted with a toddler helmet before cycling in Carrier Bicycle Mode or Trailer Mode. These recommendations comply with industry wide standards in North America, Europe, and Australia.

What safety standards does Zigo meet to keep my child safe?
The Zigo Leader and Zigo Mango meet or exceed the ASTM North American Standards and all applicable international standards in countries where the products are sold.

I noticed there are several Child Care and Comfort accessories. Which ones do I need?
If your child is under six months of age, and/or cannot sit upright and support their head, we highly recommend using the Zigo Infant Carrier to keep your child safe. We cannot guarantee safety if any other third party infant carrier or car seat is used in the Zigo Leader or Zigo Mango.

The Environmental Control System for the Zigo Leader can and should be used for children of all ages and in any Mode. It comes with a vented Rain Cover for unexpected rain and a Mesh Screen to protect you child from bugs and other flying debris.

If you use your Zigo Product in heavier rain or snow, then the Full Rain Cover is right for you.

I read in my owner's manual that you recommend putting a helmet on the passenger. Why is that?
When in Carrier Bicycle Mode or Trailer Mode, the Leader or Mango can reach speeds up to 12-15 mph or higher, much faster than in Jogger Mode or Stroller Mode. In the event of an accident, a helmet will provide additional protection for you child.

Can the height of the ChildPod Stroller handle bar be adjusted?
Yes, the handle bar can be adjusted to several heights while in Stroller or Jogger Mode, a forward position of Carrier Bicycle Mode or Trailer Mode, and a down position for Storage Mode.

Does the Zigo Leader fit through standard doorways?
While there are no international standards for doorways, the typical door in the US is approximately 32 inches. The ChildPod/Stroller is 31 inches wide hub to hub and should fit through most doors in the US.

How much weight can I carry in my Zigo Leader?
The Zigo Leader is designed to accommodate up to 80 lbs in the ChildPod and up to 200 lbs on the Cycle. The Zigo Mango is designed to carry up to 100 lbs.

How does the Zigo Leader handling compare to a bicycle with a conventional trailer?
The Zigo Leader handles exceptionally well, but is very different from a conventional bicycle. It is a tricycle with a twelve foot turning radius. In reality, you will be able to turn around in a normal size subdivision street with no problems.

Keep in mind that you are riding a tricycle and as such, you do not need to lean into turns. There is also a tip factor if the Leader is maneuvered too quickly. The Zigo Leader is designed to minimize this risk, but it is up to you as a parent to stay safe while transporting your children by avoiding horseplay or sharp turns at high speeds.

We strongly suggest that you take the Zigo Leader for a test ride before use with your children.

Can I still use the Zigo Leader as a conventional bicycle trailer?
Yes, the ChildPod can still be used a conventional bicycle trailer when used in conjunction with the Zigo Trailer Kit.

What is Zigo's warranty policy?
Zigo provides a Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on the Zigo Leader and all accessories that can be seen on our Terms and Conditions page.

What should I do if something breaks?
Zigo Products are designed to withstand normal wear and tear through normal maintenance. Please follow the schedule of recommended maintenance to prevent damage to your product as outlined in your Owner's Manual.

In the event of component failure through normal wear and tear, please contact us directly for replacement parts. 

What types of modifications can I make to my Zigo Leader?
We advise you to make no performance related modifications to the Zigo Leader. It is specifically designed and balanced to keep you and your children safe. Any modifications will void your warranty and Zigo will not be held liable for any damages or personal injuries as a result.

Cosmetic and bicycle or stroller comfort related modifications, however, are encouraged. Cycle seats and handlebars can be replaced for additional comfort. Also feel free to add patches, stickers, and flags to your Zigo Product.

Is the Zigo Leader good for special needs children?
The Zigo Leader has proved to be very useful for many special needs children and their families.