Special Needs Carrier Bike and Stroller

Zigo Leader: 4 in 1 Bicycle Child Carrier - Bring joy to those who deserve it most!

About the Zigo Leader Carrier Bike

The Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle is the perfect way for children with special needs to join in the family fun. You can easily observe and assist your child when he/she is in the forward-positioned ChildPod. “In sight” equals “in control”. The ViewPort affords quick, instant visual communication, while the AccessPort allows for a calming touch while riding. No more awkward twisting to see a rear mounted seat or trailer!

Using LeaderLink technology, the ChildPod is easily coupled or uncoupled from the Cycle in a matter of seconds, creating a fully functional stroller (or jogger with optional Zigo Jogger Kit). This means not having to transfer your child to another stroller or chair when you are done riding. Just uncouple the ChildPod from the Cycle and you can walk, shop, or sit in a restaurant or café with your child.

Zigo Leader Safety

  • Children in front where you can see and assist them.
  • Tadpole (two wheels in front) design keeps the Zigo Leader stable. Hop-on and hop-off stress-free to attend to your child’s needs; you can even do this while still straddling the bike.
  • Parking brake keeps the carrier bike in place while you assist your child. (Note: Do not park the Zigo Leader facing down or up hill;  Always park across any incline.)
  • 5-point safety harness.
  • Bright, attention grabbing colors.
  • Front bumper.
  • Orange safety flag.
  • Large, reflective safety stripe.
  • Environment Control System (accessory) protects ChildPod passengers from the elements.
  • Rated for up to 80 lbs.
  • Meets all relevant ASTM and European standards.

Beyond carrier bike….

Stroller Mode: Swivel the casters down, uncouple the modular ChildPod, and in 30 seconds or less your Zigo Leader is a stroller for malls, walks, or errands.
Jogger Mode: Casters swivel up, the optional Zigo Jogger Kit snaps right in, and your Zigo Leader is a jogger for exercise and recreation.
Cycle Mode: Disconnect the modular ChildPod, lock in the front wheel (included), and your Zigo Leader is a fully functional bicycle.
Trailer Mode: For children who can safely ride in a behind-the-bike trailer position, the optional trailer kit converts the ChildPod into a bike trailer. 


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