How to Zigo

Zigo Leader Basics

Know Your Modes

Carrier Bike Mode
Modular, mom- or dad-powered transportation for streets or bike paths, errands, school/day care commuting, or just fun!

Stroller Mode:
Swivel the casters down, uncouple the modular ChildPod, and in 30 seconds or less your Leader is a stroller for malls, walks, or errands.

Jogger Mode:
Casters swivel up, optional Zigo Jogger Kit snaps right in, and your Leader is a jogger for exercise and recreation.

Cycle Mode:
Disconnect the modular ChildPod, lock in the front wheel (included), and your Zigo® Leader is a fully functional bicycle.

Trailer Mode:
Mom loves the forward-positioned ChildPod but Dad wants a trailer? No problem. The optional Zigo Trailer Kit converts the ChildPod to a standard bicycle trailer useable with any bicycle.

Storage Mode:

Collapse your Zigo Leader ChildPod for easy storage or transportation.