ZIGO® your life with the zigo leader carrier bike

Save the world a little. Spend time with your kids. Get healthy. Reduce your carbon footprint. With the Zigo™ Leader™ Carrier Bike (or Bakfiets) anyone can do their share to make the world a better place. You’ll feel better. Your kids will love you. The Earth will smile.

In sight and in control

A concept so simple, we couldn’t believe that no one had thought of it: instead of towing kids behind a bike in a baby bike trailer or on a baby bike seat, out of sight and exposed to danger, why not put them in front of the bike where parents can see them? The Zigo™ Leader™ allows children to ride in full view of the pilot. No more awkward twisting around to see a rear-mounted baby bike seat or baby bicycle trailer.


One brilliant design, five fabulous functions

Using LeaderLink™ technology, the ChildPod™ stoller is easily coupled or uncoupled from the Cycle in a matter of seconds, creating a fully functional baby stroller (or jogging stroller with optional Zigo™ Jogger Kit). And of course the Leader™ Cycle is a practical multi-speed city bike, perfect for around town errands or recreational riding, with or without the ChildPod™. With the optional Trailer Kit, the ChildPod can also be used as a conventional bike trailer.

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Big concept, small footprint.

...and we're not just talking carbon. The Zigo™ Leader ChildPod™ can fit in the trunk of an economy size vehicle or a typical closet. The ChildPod stroller easily rolls through standard doorways. Pop off the Pushbutton Release Wheels, fold the ChildPod™ flat, and you’ll barely know it’s there.


A bakfiets by any other name

The Dutch call it Bakfiets (we prefer the more American-sounding "Carrier Bike".) The Danish call it Ladcykel. And people who have never seen one before call it Stroller Bike, Bike Stroller or Strollercycle. People ask, Is it a baby stroller? Is it a jogging stroller? Is it a bicycle trailer for kids? It doesn't matter what you call it, the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle is a revolution in family transportation. Try it for yourself and see.

Zigo stroller bike awards

Kids Design Award 2010
Kids Design Award 2010
JPMA Innovation Award 2008
JPMA Innovation Award 2008
AblePlay Award 4/5 Stars
AblePlay Award
Fit Pregnancy Award
FIT Pregnancy: Best Product of the Year

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Zigo Leader Noted in Canadian Family Magazine (March 2011). The editors pegged "four genius products that your mommy group will be clamouring for" Full Story... Review: Zigo Leader X2 integtrated bike and pram, Feb 4, 2011. "The Zigo Leader is perfect for families with one or two small children who don't have to travel far for their daily needs. For short trips to the store, day care or coffee shop there is really no reason not to have a vehicle like this. " Full Story...

Outdoor Business Update, Sept 14th, 2010. Zigo Granted Patent On Zigo Leader Full Story...