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carrier bicycle mode
The Zigo Leader in Carrier Bicycle Mode is perfect for running errands, light cycle training, and recreation at parks and boardwalks with your children in tow!


  • Disengage the LeaderLink System by loosening only two knobs and convert the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle into a Zigo ChildPod, (for use as an independent stroller), and the Zigo Cycle (a fully functional multispeed bicycle).
  • LeaderLink System translates the Zigo Cycle's steering movement to the ChildPod's 20" rear wheels; also connects the Zigo Cycle's front brake lever to the ChildPod's drum brakes.
  • Rear window of ChildPod keeps the kids in the parent's line of sight at all times.
  • Parking brake keeps Leader steady when loading and unloading ChildPod.
  • Front bumper crumple zone keeps kids safe.
  • 20" wheels and multiple speeds and weatherproof drum brakes.
  • Accomodates up to two children (ChildPod) and one parent (Cycle).