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Stay Fit

There are three basic ways to exercise with Zigo: as a carrier bicycle, as a stroller, and as a jogger.

Zigo Leader modes
Carrier Bicycle Mode

The easiest way to ease yourself back into shape after your pregnancy is to lightly cross-train. Once you have your legs back, you can increase your workout intesity.

Zigo Leader modes
Stroller Mode

Exercise with your baby and meet other moms by joining a stroller fitness class. and offer great classes.
Here is an example workout from
Warm up before your jog, or use your stroller as a counterweight during yoga.

Zigo Leader modes
Jogger Mode

If you were an avid runner prior to your pregnancy, or you simply are looking to get back into shape, try jogging with your child in Jogger Mode. Keep in mind that running with a jogger can be much more challenging. Think of it as resistance training; over time you will build endurance and be back to running long distances in no time! Read these tips on on jogging stroller safety.

Now mix them up!

Carrier Bike Mode gives you ultimate flexibility in designing the workout perfect for your lifestyle. You may choose to use it as transportation to the park to attend your Stroller Fitness class. It may serve as your warm-up and/or cool-down period for the serious runner. Or, you may use your Leader to exercise in only one mode.

Either way, the possibilites are endless! Tell us how YOU stay fit with Zigo!