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Have Fun

There are many ways to go riding with you kids! Show them the world beyond cartoons and video games in either Carrier Bicycle or Trailer Mode.

Try the city bike lanes

Many US cities are promoting cycling by building dedicated bike lanes. New York City, for example, has moved street parking away from the curb, creating a protected bike lane between the sidewalk and parked cars.

See the bike lanes in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Go for a leisurely ride on the boardwalk

Los Angeles has a beautiful stretch from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach. The Jersey Shore has a great selection as well.

Take your family on the ultimate money saving vacation - a bike camping trip!

Family bike trips are fun and easy ways to take your family on vacation. Once you get comfortable, take it a step further and catch your closest Greenway! The East Coast Greenway, for example, connects Maine to Florida.

Tell us how YOU have fun with Zigo!