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Be Green

Commuting by bike provides the benefits of saving money on gas, the joy of zipping past rush hour traffic, and ultimately saving time.

In some cases, your cycle commute will be much quicker than your commute by car. In the instances that your automobile commute is quicker, it is important to realize that you will experience a net time savings by saving yourself a trip to the gym and/or the doctor.

Take your kids to nursery school

As your family and children grow, the Zigo Leader will allow you to bring your second child as you take you take your first child to nursery school.

Ride to the farmer's market

On Saturday morning, ride to your local farmer's market. When you arrive, simply uncouple your Zigo Leader and convert into Stroller Mode and begin shopping! When you’re ready to go home, simply convert into Carrier Bicycle Mode and ride home. For bonus points, if you children have fallen asleep on the way there, do not disturb them during the uncoupling process! They will be sleeping angels as you shop.

Tell us how YOU commute with Zigo!