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Zigo Cycles, LLC is a privately owned company with principal offices in New Jersey. Our Mission is to provide human powered vehicles, such as Bakfiets (Bakfietsen in plural) or Carrier Bikes, baby strollers, joging strollers and baby bicycle trailers for use by active parents or other caregivers along with their children. We are an internationally recognized brand associated with a healthy, active lifestyle. The Company's premier product, the Zigo® Leader™ Carrier Bicycle System, can operate as a three-wheeled carrier bicycle (or Bakfiets), a baby stroller, jogging stroller, urban bicycle, or baby bicyle trailer, converting among these modes in under one minute. The Zigo® Leader™ X2 can carry up to two children.

Zigo products are available for sale at Authorized Zigo® Dealers and at Zigo products are also available through distributors around the world.

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