Zigo Bakfiets

The Zigo Leader Carrier Bike is a form of Bakfiets, or Dutch Cargo Bike.  A bakfiets, bakfietsen in plural, is a traditional box bikes found in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam, you can often see mothers or fathers riding their children around the city on a bakfiets, often also with groceries or other cargo.  The traditional bakfiets boxbike, with a large wood box in front, is slowly going out of style in favor of more modern interpretations, that include fabric, safety harnesses, and the styling of a stroller or pushchair.  A bakfiets also must have a proper bike frame that is trong enough to withstand the increased load, and gearing for making it up hills.  In the United States, Zigo has introduced the term Carrier Bike to capture the bakfiets essence.  In the Netherlands, and other parts of Europe, it is still referred to as a bakfiets.  Of course the Zigo bakfiets also can be used as a kids bicycle trailer, a baby stroller, a jogging stroller, or a regular bicycle.  There is no to other bakfiets that can do this.

Of course the bakfiets is no longer just for Amsterdam or Rotterdam.  Bakfietsen can now be seen in many European cities, and with increasing frequency one sees bakfietsen in the United States, even in New York City or Los Angeles.  It is no longer uncommon to see a stylish lady on a bakfiets riding in New York.

Please find a Zigo bakfiets dealer near you and take a bakfiets for a test ride.  We are sure that once you try one, you will be riding a bakfiets with your children frequently.   

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